David Smith (Reader in South Asian Religions at Lancaster University from 1997 to 2011) is currently writing a study of Hindu Eroticism for IBTauris. Volume 1 of his edition and translation of Bana's Kādambarī was published in the Clay Sanskrit Library by New York University Press in August 2009.
His principal publications to date are:
2003 Hinduism and Modernity, pp. 1-250. Oxford: Blackwell.
1996 The Dance of Siva: Religion, Art, and Poetry in South India, pp. 1-313. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
1985 Ratnākara’s Haravijaya: an Introduction to the Sanskrit Court Epic, pp. 1-322. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

David Smith now works in clay, and is preparing a series of heads of yoginīs which will appear here in due course.

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vr334086 Bhubaneswar, Brahmesvara
(Contains 14 photos)
rmp 159 Bhubaneswar, Parasuramesvara
(Contains 5 photos)
RMP240 Bhubaneswar, Rajarani
(Contains 26 photos)
2w 229 Bhubaneswar, Vaitala
(Contains 9 photos)
102096 Bhubaneswar, Yamesvara
(Contains 23 photos)
jd 088 Khajuraho, Jagadamba
(Contains 11 photos)
k2g 525 Khajuraho, Lakshmana
(Contains 12 photos)
2g 021 Khajuraho, Visvanatha
(Contains 8 photos)
kd 191e Konarak, Natamandir
(Contains 8 photos)
sd004 148 Konarak, Surya Deul
(Contains 41 photos)
sh 036 Haralhalli Karnataka, Somesvara
(Contains 12 photos)
v 0076 Vijayanagara, Vitthala
(Contains 3 photos)
tv 0037 Vijayanagara, Tiruvengalanatha
(Contains 12 photos)
y1 150 Hirapur
(Contains 38 photos)
22fm 0244 Modhera, Surya
(Contains 30 photos)
lsg 0347 Sunak, Nilakantha
(Contains 3 photos)
22f 041 Sitla Mata Motap
(Contains 1 photo)
d2g 012 Khajuraho, Duladeo
(Contains 6 photos)
C 0160 Khajuraho, Citragupta
(Contains 3 photos)
mk 052a Kuruvatti Karnataka, Mallikarjuna
(Contains 2 photos)